What Is BestMeta Anyway?

Why BestMeta?

BestMeta provides a business solution utilising blockchain technology.
A platform for esports talents to be funded by the community, to continue building their brand in a sustainable manner and give something fresh and exciting back to the community.
Not only does this give everyone a chance to take part in the projects, it also allows for absolute creative freedom.
For too long have so many interesting and out of the box ideas gone to waste as the traditional investment model and sponsorships pass by or limit the creative process with corporate messaging and restrictions. BestMeta will allow Talented people to make something that their fans really want and together will build a better ecosystem for both sides of the coin.

What is BMT (token) and how does it work?

BestMeta Token or BMT for short is a cryptocurrency. The standardized currency in the BestMeta ecosystem.
BMT, Talent Token Credits and Talen Tokens are intended to be used by their holders only for its designated purposes.
Number of such purposes may be increased over time, including, but not limited to, by means of adding new services and features available in exchange for the tokens/credits.
However, BestMeta team do not promise or guarantee that it will make any efforts in order to imbue the tokens/credits or the BestMeta platform with greater utility or to develop more sophisticated functionality thereof beyond that is strictly provided in our White Paper.

What is a Blockchain and what does it mean for the Bestmeta community?

A blockchain is a distributed database.
Picture a spreadsheet that is duplicated thousands of times across a network of computers. Then imagine that this network is designed to regularly update this spreadsheet and you have a basic understanding of the blockchain.
For the community: for the users who want to participate or interact directly with the talent – blockchain technology holds the talent accountable to the services they prescribed in their initial token offering. All exchange of service are publicly available for the community to verify.
For the talent: transparency of community funds & accountability to deliver to their community for their initial proposal.
For the investor: assurance that they will receive ROI on the talents they invested in from an early stage.

The key differences between Bitcoin, Ethereum, BMT, Talent Tokens and Talent Token credits

Bitcoin is the first Blockchain. Being the oldest it’s focused solely on transactions and doesn’t allow you to build complex applications on it.
Ethereum, on the other hand, is built to be a backbone for other currencies and tokens.
BMT is the standardized currency in the BestMeta ecosystem.
Personalized Talent Tokens, which are created by different esports talents within the platform and used as the currency for each talent’s personal ecosystem hosted within BestMeta.
Talent Token Credits can be purchased on, an internal exchange platform that allows community members to buy any Talent Token Credit with BMT (BestMeta Token)

What are Smart Contracts and how they work on Bestmeta?

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract.
In our case it is the What, Where, When, Who, Hows or the project. Every details of the delivery is in the smart contract.
We’ve created a smart contract to allow you to trade your currency safely with BMT. The smart contract means your are guaranteed, by protocol, to receive your BMT tokens when you pay in your currency.

What is mining and does it affect BMT? Is there mining involved to create a BMT token?

Mining is a computationally intensive work that requires a lot of processing power and time. Mining is the act of participating in a given peer distributed cryptocurrency network in consensus. The miner is subsequently rewarded for providing solutions to challenging math problems. It is done by putting the computer’s hardware to use with mining applications.
BMT is not mined. However, as BMT sits on the Ethereum network, each transaction is subject to network fees.

Why do you need a token/coin?

Personalised Currency linked to a brand:
For a cryptocurrency ecosystem to be successful over time, it must contain drivers and incentives for its own sustainable long-term economic progress. As the BMT token gets used by more members, the ecosystem will exponentially grow, generating value for the benefit of its longer-term token holders. A successful economy requires BMT to have growing demand from both within and outside of the BestMeta network. Since participation in any talent ecosystem on the platform requires users to acquire BMT, the demand for the token will grow in proportion to the number of active users. Demand will also grow together with the number of active talent ecosystems which require BMT to be created.

About The Community

How do people Colaborate and Contribute to Talent projects?

Community Tasking:
Users will also be rewarded for contributing in talent projects in following capacity:
• Carry out tasks set by talents within their projects
• Consistent contribution to the talent across multiple projects
Loyal participants will earn rewards in form of talent token credit (algorithm determined by the platform)
which can be spent across talent offerings or rewards.

What is in it for them (the supporters)?

Currently there’s no dedicated digital platform where talents can raise funds for their creative projects. Bestmeta will enable the community to access and engage in talent projects on an exclusive level.

How are we giving the customer the transparency of a project?

Smart Contracts and Blockchain.
The fine details of the project from the basis of the smart contract.
Every action taken on the project form the blocks in the blockchain that are fully transparent and viewable to all by design.

What guarantee do contributors have that a project will be carried out?

That will depend on the design of the project and how the steps are completed in sequence. With talents and their community working hand in hand to completion the blockchain and smart contracts allow clear milestones to unlock next steps of the process and funds.

It states that talent tokens will offer up unique opportunities to interact and collaborate with talent. How will this be monitored / regulated?

I.e a talent doesn’t want to meet, interact or collaborate with a fan.
When a talent launches a project – it is up to the talent to state their offerings for the funds they receive from the community. All transactional exchange of tokens for talent offerings are stated on the talent page and monitored by users on the network.

What happens to the community token value if the talent is involved in a scandal? How is the community BMT purchases protected in these events?

Bestmeta is a platform to facilitate talent projects. The platform aims to instil the protocols to protect interests of the community (eg. periodic release of funds to the talent in the carry out of project roadmap – funds are only released when milestones are met). Community can raise disputes with the talent should projects not be carried out. If projects are carried out but not up to the expectation of the community – this is recorded on talent feedback.

How will BestMeta allow talent to work around / outside of their sponsorship guidelines? Will BestMeta offer comparable compensation for severance / loss of talent sponsorship to join BestMeta?

Bestmeta does not seek to replace sponsors. It is a platform that defines another avenue for talents to raise funds for projects which don’t necessarily require sponsors or their endorsement.

What Do I Need To Know?

How do I acquire BMT?

You can acquire BMT (BestMeta Tokens) from Dashboard.

How do I acquire Talent Tokens?

You can only exchange BMT for Talent tokens on the Bestmeta platform (When Live).

What can I do with BMT?

BMT is a currency you can either keep, spend or exchange.
Keep BMT, our exclusive currency.
Spend in the BMT shop.
Or contribute to Talent projects or trade other currencies on external exchanges.

What can I do with Talent Tokens?

Talent tokens are used to participate in talent projects.

How many Talent Tokens can I acquire?

Up to the full amount per offering.

What type of projects do Talents host?

Talents can launch any creative project on the platform – some examples: private tournaments, panel shows, livestream Q&A sessions, community meet & greet events, products and services etc.

How do I participate in Talent project?

Once you acquire talent tokens from BestMeta and the talent project is activated, you can buy into the project using your talent tokens.

How do I find out when new Talents launch tokens?

We recommend that you Subscribe to our newsletter and Social media channels to hear about the latest talents to join!

Is there a vesting period?

Founders and the core team all have a 24 month vesting period to fulfill.

Accepted payment methods?

BMT can be acquired with following methods: credit card payment, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

Is there a minimum amount for Credit Card payments and fees?

Minimum 50 USD by Credit Card – no fees.

What’s the minimum ETH purchase amount?

The minimum Purchase is 0,05 ETH

What benefits are there for early token backers?

Presale: 1st April – 22nd April 2018:
1st Apr – 7th Apr – 20% bonus
8th Apr – 14th Apr – 15% bonus
15th Apr – 22nd Apr – 10% bonus

Public Sale: 23rd April – 31st August 2018:
23rd Apr – 6th May – 8% bonus
7th May – 20th May – 6% bonus
21st May – 3rd Jun – 4% bonus
4th Jun – 31st Aug – 2% bonus

What is a referral program?

Referral program is a way of receiving a 5% bonus of BTM tokens
A user can generate a referral link.
This link may be sent to friends and relatives.
If someone uses this link to register and takes part in the project
the sender of the link will receive a 5% BTM tokens bonus of the invested amount.

How can I make a purchase in cryptocurrency?

Note that purchase can be made in ETH directly.
To make a transaction it is necessary to specify the recommended commission rate (as a rule, it is done before making a transaction).
Contact the customer support of your wallet to find out the recommended commission rate.
Please note that you’ll have 24 hours to complete the transaction.
For customers who have no ETH wallet, we’ve enabled server.
It’ll exchange your cryptocurrency to Ethereum.
Please note that the server also charges a commission for exchange.
The rate depends on the exchanged amount.
When the transaction reaches the necessary number of blocks for confirmation, your order will be confirmed and the status of your transaction in the account will change to “successful”.

How many tokens are issued during the TOKEN SALE?

The total authorization of BTM tokens equals 1 000,000,000 .
483,800,000 BTM tokens will be distributed to the token sale. For more information, check out our token allocation & user proceeds.

Will there be an additional issue of tokens?

The total emission of BTM tokens equals 100,000,000 with no further additional emission.

How can I use the BMT after the TOKEN SALE?

BMT will be entitled to exchange for any products and services offered by BESTMETA, including product and services of the partner companies.
One can freely trade BMT Tokens for any fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies at any available liquid exchange.

How do I register an account?

To sign up go to the registration page.
Please, provide your email, password and confirm your agreement to White Paper and Privacy.
(Also confirm that you are not a US citizen, green card holder or US tax resident )
Then on your email we’ll send a confirmation link.

Do you accept cooperation proposals?

Please send all your cooperation proposals to and we’ll consider it.

How do you secure the tokens?

The token is issued on the Ethereum platform (ERC 20 standard) which is considered to be hacker-resistant.
BTM tokens are thus as secure as ethereum itself.

When and on which exchanges will the BMT Token be listed?

When the token sale ends, we will list the BMT Token with little or no delay.
We are aiming to list it on all major exchanges. A precise list will be provided when the time comes.

How many BMT Tokens will I get for $1?

$0.21 = 1 BMT => $1 will buy you 4.76 BMT

How is the exchange rate between BMT and TT determined?

Value of talent tokens will be benchmarked against real time value of BMT at time of token launch.