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BestMeta starts its Airdrops – Global decentralized Esports & Gaming platform

Let’s look how easy to do it:

You will be able to get tokens in next way:

1. First of all sign up on our website Make a registration with your e-mail.

2. Next step is joining the BestMeta Telegram chat.

3. Then find a @BestMeta_Bot

Telegram chat

4. Print /start *

It gives you full explanation of your further steps — just follow it

5. When you print /getdrop is everething will be done

Telegram bot

6. Enter the email address which you used to register on our website.

7. To earn more share your referral link.


Here are your first bonus points.

The amount of tokens you can get will be dropping with time:

🔹From 30.03 till 06.04

▪️ 50 points for joining Telegram group

▪️ 25 points for person invited

🔹From 07.04 till 13.04

▪️ 40 points for joining Telegram group

▪️ 20 points for person invited

🔹From 16.04 till 21.04

▪️ 30 points for joining Telegram group

▪️ 15 points for person invited

Here are some rules. Play fair to earn tokens:

1. Don’t mention AirDrop in our Telegram group. Feel free to discuss the project or the ICO.

2. Keep staying in the group until the ICO is over.

3. Be active in the group.

4. We still are banning for spam.

5. Only one account can participate in the AirDrop. One person = one account. Sounds easy. huh? In case of breaking the rules, all of the accounts connected to you will be disqualified.

6. You can convert points to tokens starting from 75 points.

5 points = 1 BMT

Please, type /help to see the command list.

Well, you see how is easy to earn — easy but if you follow simple rules!

*If you want to run our Bestmeta_Bot — send IM from your own Telegram feed.
Not from the general group feed.

BestMeta is the first of its kind platform for creating the next-generation cybersport ecosystem. In this ecosystem, stars, enthusiasts and gifted industry members have the opportunity to generate a tokenization of their own brand through direct and equal interaction with the fan base. The platform provides the function of issuing talents to branded credit talent tokens, as well as personalized tokens, which they can then offer to purchase a base of fans in exchange for exclusive services, content and projects.

Talent Token Credits (TTC) can be obtained through platform on its internal exchange where members of the community have opportunity to purchase any TTC in exchange for BMT tokens (BestMeta tokens, Best Meta Token), which are standard currency in the BestMeta ecosystem. Tokens BMT will probably be purchased on external exchange or exchange platforms.